jueves, octubre 28, 2004

Endless summer

How can a movie that looks like an amateur shot project be considered a classic? Because the quality does not lay in its presentation but in its content. This is certainly the case for the movie Endless summer.

This documentary, which was released in 1966, follows two surfers and their quest of searching and finding the perfect wave. During their one year quest, they are being filmed by documentary shooter Bruce Brown who uses a handheld technicolor camera. Because of this the movie does not contain sound. ´NO SOUND?´ you would say? Yes! No sound. No stereo and no dolby surround. The only sound that is included is the narratation by Dan Brown and some music.
Despite the lack of quality it is said to be the best surf movie ever made.

The documentary was recently released on DVD and because of this it has reached a new audience, which has been unaware of its existance. Suprisingly, this audience, being used to recent standards of film (wide screen, dolby surround stereo and cristal clear images), also thinks this movie is the best surf movie ever made.

In 1994, Bruce Brown made the sequel Endless Summer 2, but like many other sequels it did not reach the same quality as the first one.
So after almost 40 years ´Endless Summer´ is still seen as the ultimate movie in its catagory. This is probably because it portrayed a period in time that can never be revisited.

My advice to you is to rent this movie (even if you do not surf) and enjoy this piece of cinematic history.