jueves, noviembre 11, 2004

Game to movie

It used to be very commen for a movie to be turned in to a videogame. Recently however, many games are turned into movies aswell.
The most famous exemple of this is Resident Evil. This popular horror game has had a succesfull history with many sequels in the world of video games. This was not unnoticed by Hollywood, who soon made plans of turning the concept of the game into a movie. This resulted in the movie Resident Evil , which was released in 2002. The movie did not get positive reviews, but was a boxoffice hit.
This resulted in a sequel , which has recently been released in cinemas all over the world. Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Because of the succes of these movies, several game origenated movies are being produced at this moment and will find their way towards the cinemay in the near future.