jueves, enero 13, 2005


textoalternativo Personally, I am not looking forward to a lot of movies that will be released in the comming months. However, there is one that I am really looking forward to, the only problem is... We will have to wait until the summer!!!
The movie I am talking about, as you have already have seen from the picture, is ´War of the Worlds´.

The story was origanaly written by ´H. G. Wells ´ in 1897. But it is probably most famous for the radio broadcast that ´Orson Welles ´made out of the story in 1938. In this broadcast he acts like a broadcaster witnessing an invasion of alians destroying everything in its path. It caused mass hysteria among radio listeners who did not realize it wasn´t real!

In 1953 came the first movie adaption of the book ´War of the Worlds´. I saw it about two years ago and was not really impressed, which is understandeble since the movie is already that old.

Now it is the time for a more up to date version of the movie. And it is going to be big.. really big!!! It is going to be the most expensive movie up to date!! The names involved alone will make the movie a blockbuster!! Director: Steven Spielberg and starring: Tom Cruise , Tim Robbins. Can´t get much bigger than that I think!!

The teaser (no trailer available yet) can be watched on the official site. I does not show much, but it looks impressive already and sets a good atmosphere.

The release date for this movie is 29 June 2005 world wide!! And it is certain that people will invade the cinemas for this Blockbuster!! And I will to!