jueves, noviembre 11, 2004

Movie weblogs

This article contains short information about 3 weblogs, one more professional then the other. I found the weblogs on the site Movie Blogs (http://www.wilsdomain.com/blogs/movie-blogs.html)
Site: Movie Mistakes
URL: http://www.moviemistakes.com/
This websites searches for mistakes that can be seen in movies. For exemple; if you search for the movie Gladiator, it show that they have found a 104 mistakes. All these mistakes are writen down in two sentences like; ´´When Lucilla takes her hand and closes Maximus's eyes after he dies you can clearly see him blink.´´
On the homepage there is a clear menu of subpages from where you can choose in what catagory you want to search movies. For instance; popular(http://www.moviemistakes.com/popular.php), top films, top mistakes and also none mistake related pages like; membership, forum and faq.
The lack of this site is the inabilaty to add a comment to the posts. This has been compensated by a very decent forum. However, the visitor is clearly not involved in creating this website as it could have been.
It would be nice if you could see who found a mistake of a movie.

Site: Filmmaker
URL: http://www.moviemistakes.com/
Filmmaker is a weblog that was created in October 2001. This site says it talks about movies, but in general it is just about comments that the editor ´Jason P. Thompson´ has about general things in life.
It does contain comments and certain reviews of movies (finding nemo) and television series.
The layout of this blog looks messy and unorganized. It is also very hard to recognize if something is a link or just printed in bold.
One of the simple additions but pleasent additions to this website is the ability to change the skins (color) of the website.

Site: Plot Kicks In
URL: http://www.moviemistakes.com/
This weblog is made by two friends who rarely agree on reviews about movies. The layout of this blog is very basiq, which makes it easy to read. One of the editers starts of with his or her opinion of a movie and then the other gives a reply, which mostly does not agree with the other, this is actualy very funny.
The website has an archive that dates back to the end of 2002. This weblog is concentrated on movies and does not discuss anything else. The use of pictures is very limited however and this can make it look a little boring.