viernes, noviembre 19, 2004


Since the big succes of X-men, movie companies bought the rights of a lot of commic books in order make movies out of them, in other words; to make money out of them. One of these commics is ´´Hellboy´´. This action comedy is generally about a demon (friendly demon that is) saving the world from an evil force that concists of a bunch of strange scary bad-guys.
The movie is directed by Guillermo del Toro who you might know from movies like ´´Blade 2´´ with Wesley Snipes.
The big difference between Blade 2 and Hellboy is the fact that Hellboy does not take itself serious. The movie is very funny at times because Ron Perlman, who plays the main carácter is acting with a lot of humor.
Hellboy will be released on DVD in the near future.