jueves, diciembre 09, 2004


The Alien movie series have had a long history.
Starting in 1979 with the first ¨Alien¨, directed by Ridley Scott, which was a complete surprise succes and made Sigourney Weaver a star.
In 1986, James Cameron made the sequel ¨Aliens¨, which shifted the movie more towards action.

The first disapointment came with the third instalment in 1992, ¨Alien 3¨. Directed by David Fincher it did not meet the same cuality level as the first two movies. However, the third movie was not as bad as fourth. This movie ¨Alien: Resurrection¨ from 1997 did not have the feel of the other movies.

Now we are waiting for number 5 ( I will not talk about Alien Vs. Predator, because it is not really part of the series).
Rumors started last month when the director of the first movie ¨Ridley Scott¨ said that he might be interested in directing a new Alien movie. He also said that he might have ideas for the script, one contains the idea for the aliens to reach the earth and another one would be like a prequel going to the alien home planet.

The main character of Ellen Ripley (played ofcourse by Sigourney Weaver) is not sure to return in this movie because Weaver is now 55 years old, and movie studios are not so fond of having an 55 year old women in the lead role. Fans of the series don´t seem to mind though.
Lets hope that they will make a movie that is just as good as the first two and wont be just about getting money at the box office.