jueves, diciembre 09, 2004


How long do we have to wait for the new ¨Indiana Jones¨ movie?
It looks like it will be two more years. Director Steven spielberg has got a pretty full schedule with ¨War of the worlds¨(most expensive movie of all time) comming next year and ¨Vengeance¨ (starring Eric Bana) about the hostage situation during the summer olympics in 1972 in Munic. But after these projects he will finaly set his efforts in making the fourth chapter of the Indiana jones story.

Harrison Ford will be playing the main character again although he is getting pretty old. So we might have to except an other younger actor as Indy if there will be more sequels. Harrison Ford said that he will not have a problem if another actor takes his part, but he wants to be in the fourth film.

As long as Spielberg will be directing the movie, I think it will turn out to be an instant classic, just like the previous movies.