jueves, enero 20, 2005

King Arthur

Two nights ago, when we were too tired to study anymore, me and some other erasmus students went to rent a movie. This is always a very difficult choise, because we think we already saw a the good movies that exist and there are not a lot of new good movies comming out.

We decided to watch ´´King Arthur´´. We did not no it at that time, but this was a very bad choise. The movie started and the first dialogs were spoken. From that moment I could not take the movie serious anymore. How bad can dialogs get?

Arthur is played by Englishmen Clive owen who is in charge of the knights of the round table. They are sent on a mission to protect and evacuate some roman civilians who live in England. During this quest they meet some people like Keira Knightley who seems to be tougher than Arnold Schwarzenegger!!! The rest of the movie is all about fighting and stuff! And it is just really bad!!

Movie is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, which for me is already a bad sign. He produces movies like Pearl Harbor and National Treasure. These are movies that stick to a certain formula, which is boring and predictable.

Because the movie was so bad, it became funny. So i guess it was not a total waist of time. My advice to you is to never see this movie! It sucks!!!


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